Robert Mapplethorpe

Mapplethorpe is particularly good at photographic composition and lighting. The following work display this ability well:

Self Portrait 1980

Mapplethorpe is emulating the rebel without a cause look that was popularised by James Dean during the 1950s.

Robert Mapplethorpe

Man Ray

Man Ray is an american born artist who became an influential part of the photographic surrealist and dada movements in the early 1900s. Since these movements originated in europe Man Ray spent most of his life in Paris France, thus Man Ray was essential in bringing these modern concepts to an american audience. Even though his ties to these movements were informal, the artistic influences were clearly present in his works. Despite often being named Man Ray, his birth name is Emmanuel Radnitzky where Man Ray is just an artistic pseudonym. Three of his works are:

Glass Tears
Ingre’s Violin
Noire et Blanche
Man Ray

Eadweard Muybridge

Eadweard Muybridge is most famous for capturing the horse in motion, proving that the horse would release all four hooves from the ground while running:


This is trivialization of his contributions to photography and art. Some interesting facts about Eadweard are:

  • He was on trial for the murder of his wife’s lover.
  • He is regarded as the inventor of motion pictures
  • He only invented the xenograft and high speed photograph in order to win a bet over how many legs were lifted off the ground at a time while a horse runs.
  • He changed his name at the age of 20 from Muggeridge to Muybridge.
Eadweard Muybridge

Steven Pippin


Steven pippin is probably most famous for use use of unconventional cameras. If an aperture can be made, steven pippin will manage to turn it into a camera. Thus as a results his works follow the techniques used in pinhole photography. His works are highly detailed and take hours of planning, for example his work Self-Portrait Made Using a House Converted into a Pinhole Camera’ Steven had to stand still for 8 hours, in order to get the correct exposure. Two examples of his work are: ‘Bath Tub Converted into a Pinhole Camera’ which features a negative of a man standing in a bathroom, from the perspective of a bath. And ‘Self-Portrait with Photo Booth’, where Seven ironically converts a photo booth into a giant pinhole camera, to take a photo of himself standing in the empty (because of the exposure time) streets.

Steven Pippin