Art Gallery of NSW

Consider the way art is installed at the Art Gallery of NSW. Document 3 artworks from the Art Gallery of NSW. Artworks at the Art Gallery of NSW are categorized into exhibitions, showing many works created by one artist or movement.

  • Rose (2004) – Suda Yoshihiro – Time, light, Japan
  • Flowers and people – gold (2015) – teamLab – Time, light, Japan
  • Meeting you halfway II (2009) – Anthony McCall – Primary structures and speculative forms

Details of the Artists. 

Yoshihiro Suda is a Japanese artist known for detailed wooden sculpture works of flowers and plants. His works incorporate the notion of “ma”, meaning ‘in between’. Yoshihiro is very particular about the placement of his sculptures, making them unobvious which becomes part of the artistic concept. This aims to direct the audience’s attention towards something that might be otherwise overlooked. Yoshihiro uses ancient techniques and crafts based on the works of old master and like many Japanese artists, Yoshihiro tries to find the beauty in ordinary things.

Anthony McCall, responsible for the Primary structures and speculative forms work ‘Meeting you halfway II’ is a New York-based artist known for his ‘solid-light’ installations. Anthony is able to make light into a three-dimensional volumetric form through a clever use of light projection. His works occupy an interesting space between cinema, sculpture, and drawing, and have thus had a major historical significance in the art world.

The group, teamLab, responsible for the digital work ‘Flowers and people – gold’ is interested in practices relevant to the information age. The group comprises of artists, editors, programmers, engineers, mathematicians, architects, web and print graphic designers, and CG animators. In their art, they try to create a harmonious balance between technology and art. Their works use a variety of artistic forms including animation, sound, performance, internet, fashion, design, and medical science

Information on the artworks.

Rose by Yoshihiro Suda uses the medium of delicately carved wood to create ultra-realistic sculptures of flora, usually flowers or weeds. The scale of the work is emphasized by being placed in a large empty space, giving it a powerful presence. The lack of anything surrounding the object is an important element of the work. The works are also placed in a location that may be easily overlooked, encouraging viewers to notice things they may otherwise overlook. The work was created as a 30.0 x 30.0 x 20.0 cm wooden sculpture painted with mineral pigments in 2004. This artwork is heavily influenced by japan and the Japanese ideas of ‘ma’, the space between things.

Meeting you halfway II by Anthony McCall is a light-based installation that uses the ideas of 1960s minimalism to create make light into a volumetric form. The work gives the audience a sense of wonder, entering a room with nothing but a three-dimensional smooth form, that you can walk inside of is an other-worldly experience. The work is a time-based installation that uses single channel digital video projection, black and white, silent, haze and runs for a duration of 15:00 minutes. The work is heavily influenced by artists associated with 1960s minimalist art movement and contemporary artists whose works question or expand upon traditional minimalism. The work incorporates a variety of artistic techniques to produce a visually hypnotizing experience.

Flowers and people – gold by teamLab is a reactive technology video piece. Through the use of three – eight channel computer generated interactive program, colour, sound, motion sensors the work reacts to the audience. Flowers moving about the screen flow in a looping animation, until a viewer steps close, which cause the flowers to wither and die. This creates an endless cycle of life and death that at no instant will be the same for any observer. The work draws on influence from traditional Japanese art such as the 17th-century Rinpa school work ‘Flowers of the four seasons’. Thus the work is exploring ideas of traditional Japanese art while using the advent of digital technology to create an interactive experience.

Reason for documentation of the artworks.

Flowers and people – gold is a large video piece that immediately draws the attention of the audience. To make the work more engaging, upon stepping closer, the hypnotic looping animations change and evolve making it unforgettable.

Rose by Yoshihiro Suda was initially unnoticeable, as it was hidden in a corner of the room, but once noticed, the beauty and intricacy of the work, as well as the artistic message, result in a thought provoking piece.

Meeting you halfway II, the volumetric light-based work, would easily be missed as it is hidden behind a black wall. Once entering the room, the work is encapsulating and incredible.


Flowers and people – gold
Meeting you halfway II
Art Gallery of NSW

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