Art Express 2017

Compare two artworks from the Art Gallery of NSW.
The two chosen works are:
– ‘Suburban Dreaming’ by Jasmin Loke-Jeffery
– ‘Illusione verniciato’ by Peggie Pantsos

Illusione Verniciato
Suburban Dreaming

The two works: ‘Suburban Dreaming’ and ‘Illusione verniciato’ were selectively presented as part of the ArtExpress exhibit in the NSW Art Gallery. The exhibit shows the works created for the 2017 HSC final project, thus displaying a wide range of artistic ideas.

‘Illusione verniciato’ or ‘Painted Illusion’ by Peggie Pantsos has an otherworldly feeling as a result of the use of highly contrasting colours. The work combines two traditional artistic mediums: photography and painting, where the canvas on which paint is applied is the human form. This collapses living, breathing three-dimensional objects into two-dimensional painted portraits. The major cultural influences for this work come from the artistic explorations by Alexa Meade and Emma Hack who photograph the human form painted with traditional paint. This work also seeks to challenge art by combining two otherwise unrelated mediums.

‘Suburban Dreaming’ by Jasmin Loke-Jeffery explores the architectural value of buildings created as a result of mass suburbanization in Sydney. Australia’s suburbia is home to a multitude of otherwise uninspired architecture, but after exploring further Jasmin found a hidden beauty inherent in each. The work is made of a series of 16 different square oil paintings placed in an ordered 4 by 4 grid, each individual pane presents a section of a building painted in a clean flat colour style – representative of the buildings themselves. The artistic influences of this work are a combination of the: The flat colour album covers of Peter O’Doherty, the wide color exploration made by Howard Arkley, the clean and precise representations of suburban landscapes by Jeffrey Smart and Todd Hido architectural photography. This work seeks to discover a dormant beauty laying present in the architecture that surrounds us.

Differences in the artworks.

The two works, ‘Suburban Dreaming’ and ‘Illusione verniciato’, though vastly different in their structural medium and emotional meaning, both attempt to bring new interesting ideas to the art world. Jasmin’s work aims to explore suburban architecture, whereas Peggy’s is contrasting the painted and real world. There is a structural difference between the two works; ‘Suburban Dreaming’ is constructed as a hybrid of paint and photography whereas Peggie’s work is a grid of individually painted squares. Though both of these works were created during the same time period, by artists under similar circumstances, the artistic influences that inspired the works vary greatly. Thus these works are greatly different in structure, influence, and meaning.

Art Express 2017

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